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We Are His

In my devotions today, I came across a passage I just can’t shake. I already knew it, but it is awesome and freeing to think about. Let me share: It deals with how everything we have belongs to the Lord. I mean everything, all of it from our breath that we breathe, to our money, because he gave you a job and a body to do it with. We own nothing that is ours, he owns it all. That is something to praise about. He is our Lord, our creator, our sustainer, our savior, the everlasting one. He paid a great price for it when he gave his own life for us. We are his doulos, which in Greek means slave and a thankful one at that. Now I don’t mean a slave as we know of slaves, but someone who is willing, because of what he did for us. I usually don’t talk a lot about religion on here, but I am a Sunday school teacher so what do you expect lol. See ya tomorrow.

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All Lives Matter

There are many movements going on lately. They single themselves out when all lives matter. When are we as a nation going to treat everybody as human beings, and love one another, and treat everyone like they want to be treated. If we started doing this, the whole world would be a better place to live in. Who wouldn’t want that? There are enough haters out there. It is not hard to be nice and treat everyone well. Sure, there are people out there that no one gets along with, but love them anyway. I am not a pacifist. I just believe we should love God and our fellow man. This is a commandment in the bible, by the way. The reason it is not hard to love one another is because we might not be able to do it in our strength, but we can do everything in his strength, who lives within us. Love you guys, and make this world a better place.

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Whiter Than Snow

Am I prophetical, or what? …Not! But in my AWANA class on Wednesday, I was teaching about snow. And yes, I knew they were predicting snow in the forecast, but around here, you don’t believe it till you see it. I was comparing how snow is beautiful when it’s coming down, and so ugly when it turns to slush; how it gets all black and grey, and I compared the ugly snow to our lives before Christ. I used the beautiful white snow to show that when we receive Christ’s wonderful free gift of salvation, he makes us whiter than snow. That was on Wednesday. Well, on Thursday night, it starts snowing. And on Friday, we awoke to a yard full of snow! Good timing, right?

On this blog, I am going to start reviewing books that I get sent to me for the purpose of a review. I am an avid reader (that is, when this old fart isn’t dozing on the couch). I hope you all will enjoy this, since I know a lot of you love to read as well. I will start blogging more, I promise, but this snow had me under (which you would think is a great time to do it, but I had a great time being with my family this weekend). See ya next time the old fart stirs from off his couch. I’m starting to feel all warm and cozy now. Zzzzzzzzzz.

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