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Just Rambling

Today will just be random ramblings. In the world of sports, Nyquist, the favorite to win the Preakness, lost for the first time today. The Kentucky Derby winner finished third behind Exaggerator and Cherry Wine. Even though it was a rainy sloppy track, Nyquist jumped out to a too fast pace and was gassed at the end. Tonight, we have the All Star race from Charlotte in NASCAR racing.

I didn’t get any responses to yesterdays post on what you like to read and what authors and books are your favorite. I thought that would be interesting to find out. I am still looking for a hobby as well. Any suggestions? And no, we are not just talking about getting off the couch, J. Any suggestions on how to get more readers on this blog or something I could do to spruce it up, or maybe want different topics? Any suggestions would help. Other than that, whats the point if nobody reads it?

Tonight is the night before Sunday. I teach Sunday school, and it is my turn to teach tomorrow. I am going to teach the beautiful story of Ruth. I love this story it also tells about our kinsman redeemer Jesus Christ in the story, through Boaz. Anybody like religious topics, by the way? Let me know. See ya till tomorrow, knuckleheads.

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The old farts not dead

Sorry about missing yesterday, but it was a busy day. I went to the eye doctor today and got a good report. So the old fart’s not dead! He is still alive and kicking. I’m still looking for suggestions on how to get off my merry go round. Help me out, guys. You ever get to the point where when you get old and have stuff wrong with you that you never feel good?

Well let’s see what kind of amusing story I can come up with today. So gather ’round, cause the old fart’s getting ready to tell a story. One time, I was in a footrace, and I’m in the lead.  I look back to see if anyone is close. I turn back around and I do a 360 flip in mid air, and land flat on my back wondering ‘what just happened?!’. I was bleeding with split lips, and I look up to see a clothesline. Dork! Well, that’s all till tomorrow, knuckle heads.

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‘The Race’

Well, I’m breathing today, so it is another day ahead of me.  Sometimes it’s fun just to see what kind of things I will, uh….forget, or what i’ll do today;  like when I was reading my book the other night, and I looked down and saw a white ‘thing’ on my shirt.  I started wondering what it was.  Was it a part of my shirt? Then I remembered, ‘Oh! That’s my bookmark! Duh!’

That reminds me of when I was young.  How could I forget ‘The Race’? Many years ago, I was racing some neighborhood kids through our yards.  I got a good jump-start and was nearing the end, when I looked back to see how far ahead I was.  I turned around, and the next thing I know, I’m on the ground, bleeding from my split mouth.
Here’s a little proverb: When you race, watch out for clotheslines.  Yes, the clothesline caught me in my mouth! Ouch! I didn’t get stitches, but man, that hurt!

So, that’s basically what these once-a-week blogs will contain: funny things, or a part of my childhood or opinions.  Well, see ya next week.

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