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Bracket Time

Well, it’s that time of year in March when we fill out our NCAA basketball brackets out. The big dance starts tonight with play in games to see who gets their ticket punched. I love this time of year when basketball is in the air. I filled my brackets out yesterday on CBS sports. I did round by round and the whole bracket too. I had Arizona winning one and Duke winning the other one. are you gonna fill out a bracket? if so the deadline is sometime today. Many could win it and I am sure some brackets will be exploded on the first or second day. Usually not many one seeds get in the final four and there are always surprises along the way, and yes some Cinderella’s. I love fantasy sports, my baseball drafts are underway but that’s for another day. Go fill out them brackets and good luck.

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March Madness

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when the NCAA conference tournaments and the big dance begins!…The time when legends are made, and when they are broken. I love this time of year: the time when you get to watch basketball from all over the USA; The time when you pull for your team to go all the way. My front runners are UCLA, Oregon, Kansas, UNC, Purdue, Kentucky, and others. My favorite team is Duke, but I don’t know how far they will go. The tournament is rife with rabid fans and bands at different forums and cities.
They all want to see their teams go all the way and claim the prize of national champion… All the sights and sounds and colors of uniforms of players running and sweating down the court, just to put a ball in a basket either by shot or dunk…It is an amazing time of year. I love it, and can’t get enough of it. So tune in and yell, with your favorite snack and a cold drink in hand, and catch the wonder of March madness basketball. Enjoy!

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