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Daylight Savings Time, Snow, Not

Well we started daylight savings time off with a bang in North Carolina. It snowed maybe an inch . Too warm while it is snowing it is also melting off at the same time, weird. Then by lunchtime it is all gone aaahhnn. It was just a strange morning all around. Went to church and I am glad I didn’t miss it. Good Sunday school lesson and great sermon by the pastor.I have had a full day full of a lot of things. My boy is going back to college today, spring break is over. I hope he has a safe trip. See ya tomorrow peeps.

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Lazy Day, Just Waiting for Snow

How are you guys doing today? I am fine, a little cold and sinuses bothering me a little. It is a lazy day today, while I am waiting for the snow to come tonight hopefully. They are only calling for a dusting up to an inch of snow. It would be nice especially if they call off church. It would be nice to have another free day, but then again everyday is a free day for this retired old fart. It would be nice to have that one last big snow of the year but they are not calling for much but who knows anything can happen. Where my boy go’s to school they are calling for 3-6 inches of snow. He has to go back tomorrow so that would be rough. How is your day going today? good I hope. See ya tomorrow dude and dudettes.

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Another Monday

Do you feel like dragging on Monday? with a whole work week ahead, so many things to do. You are probably not alone, there are plenty of people who feel like that. Mondays will be my religious chat, everyday will be filled with a different topic. Back to topic, we all feel draggy or bummed about Mondays but if we will remember, Christ is our strength and he has it all under control.He plans our steps and our ways and our weeks. He is in control of it all, he created the world from nothing so surely he can control our lives. His word also says, work as if you were working for him . So don’t cut corners or cheat your boss or company out of a full days work. Lean on him he will give you the strength and ability to do a good job. See ya tomorrow.

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Busy Day, Busy Month

I am sorry I missed yesterday, but I was busy. I had to take my wife to the hospital, but all is well. Today, we went to church. So the weekend has been full. This month will be as well, with my oldest boy going back to college for the second time; this time at Western Carolina.  I will miss him. Next month, my wife goes on vacation to Utah without me, and I will be a lonely boy. Maybe I can find something to do while she is gone.  I will try to be faithful to you guys everyday though. I enjoy the writing, and I hope people care and like to read the old fart’s thoughts. See ya on the morrow, chaps.

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Do you have influence on anybody? Sure you do, whether it be a few or many, we do influence someone or many. So why do we live life like we just don’t care? Or, I live my life for myself, I don’t care who likes it. That is not the way we should be, because we all influence people, period. Let us live a life to your utmost standards, whatever that is. Me personally, I am a christian, so I live for Christ who is in me, and I try to live a Godly life because I influence others as well. Whether it be as a father, mother,spouse, or teacher or athlete, we do influence others. So act like it, and live it out.

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This is a sequel to burnt. The lovely after effects of burning is peeling. Those lovely flaky dead skin falling to the ground. But there is nothing more unappealing, than a bald man with a flaky scalp, scattering dead skin all around. But hey I cant help it. Between that and fire ant bites I am just peachy. Yeh, buddy just peachy.

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Late to post, busy day. Played Skyrim just about all day. No time to read, no time for catching up on things I recorded on TV. Life is so short, live it to the fullest. There might not be another.  Life is like a vapor, here today gone tomorrow. Squeeze life, like there is no tomorrow, and live like it is your last.

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