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Busy Day, Busy Month

I am sorry I missed yesterday, but I was busy. I had to take my wife to the hospital, but all is well. Today, we went to church. So the weekend has been full. This month will be as well, with my oldest boy going back to college for the second time; this time at Western Carolina.  I will miss him. Next month, my wife goes on vacation to Utah without me, and I will be a lonely boy. Maybe I can find something to do while she is gone.  I will try to be faithful to you guys everyday though. I enjoy the writing, and I hope people care and like to read the old fart’s thoughts. See ya on the morrow, chaps.

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Burnt, Burnt, Burnt

As you all know, I did soccer evaluations this weekend. All went well, but it was extremely hot on Saturday. I look like a red crab on my arms, neck, and head. I feel hot even when I’m not. It will go away soon. I should have worn a hat. I sat under a tent a lot but still got burnt oh well. Can anybody sympathize? I cant wait to see what kids I have on my team. This year will be a blast it is every year. See ya tomorrow guys and gals.

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Soccer Time

It is time for soccer evaluations. At Liberty Baptist Church, we are gearing up for our upward soccer season. Last night, we had some show up, but looking for a lot today. From 10AM till 2PM. I love to teach the kids a sport, and to help them learn, not only about a game but life in general, and to teach them about Christ. I love the sounds of game day, and watching them compete and have fun. It is a good time for all. See ya tomorrow.

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Gearing Up

This weekend, I will be gearing up for soccer. We will have soccer evaluations this weekend for Upward Soccer, at Liberty Baptist church in Ellenboro, North Carolina. I help out at a station, I also coach during the season and sometimes referee. It is a blast working with the kids and their parents. The league also spreads God’s word during practices and the games on Saturdays. I get so much enjoyment out of it. I don’t know much other than the basics of soccer, but we have fun together. If you live in the area, and have kids, bring them on Friday from 6- 8 PM, or Saturday from 10 till 2 PM. See ya there.

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