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King Josiah

In the book of Chronicles, there was a king who started his reign at 8 years old named Josiah. When they tore down the pagan places of worship and rebuilt the temple of God, they found the book of the law, or the Bible; at least what was written so far. The king and the people repented and the city went into a revival of the word of God and living righteously. The Lord said that King Josiah was the greatest king so far and none better came later, says the word of God. The reason God said this was because Josiah had a tender heart towards God and his word. Do we have a tender heart for God and his word? Or is it sitting collecting dust? Do we have a tender heart for God? A lot of times no because we are too busy thinking of ourselves instead of putting God first. If you want to read about King Josiah it is in 2 Chronicles chapter 34-35. Lets have a tender heart towards God and his word. Till tomorrow.

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Memorial Day

In biblical times, the nation of Israel would memorialize important events. They would get big rocks and stack them up, and when their children saw it, they were told the story of what it memorialized. They would pass it down to the next generation and the ones after that. Today is Memorial Day, when we remember our veterans of war and the ones who didn’t make it back home. I want to thank these men and women for their great sacrifice for our country.  Let’s not remember that it is a day off to have fun and cook out, but remember what it is supposed to be remembered for. Thank you vets.

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