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Gaming Day

Today was a good day. I traded in a game to get my favorite game, that has all the dlc’s  with it. It is skyrim, I love that game. Even though it is gonna be a hot one today, I am going gaming. I love video games as much as I like to read.Any gamers out there? I love it. Well it is gonna be a short one, because like I said I am going gaming. Do not disturb is on the door knob. Just kidding. We will see ya tomorrow.

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Kid In A Candy Store

Yesterday, I went to the library. I don’t get out much, so I had fun. Every time I go, I am usually there for awhile because I am like a kid in a candy store. There are so many books I like and authors as well, that it takes a while to choose. Remember as a kid going to a store? They usually had a big candy section in it and a diner as well, such as Woolworths. You go up to the candy that is in jars. Your mouth starts to water, and your eyes get big just looking at all that shiny candy in a jar for a penny. Yeah, I know that’s been awhile. That is how I feel like when I go to the library. Those shiny book covers and that new book smell, and wondering what world or whose lives can I escape into today. I have no problem spending an hour in there sometimes, but it is all worth it when I curl up and escape to a distant land and characters just waiting to be discovered. I have a question: am I just weird, or do you feel the same way? See ya on the morrow.

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Just Rambling

Today will just be random ramblings. In the world of sports, Nyquist, the favorite to win the Preakness, lost for the first time today. The Kentucky Derby winner finished third behind Exaggerator and Cherry Wine. Even though it was a rainy sloppy track, Nyquist jumped out to a too fast pace and was gassed at the end. Tonight, we have the All Star race from Charlotte in NASCAR racing.

I didn’t get any responses to yesterdays post on what you like to read and what authors and books are your favorite. I thought that would be interesting to find out. I am still looking for a hobby as well. Any suggestions? And no, we are not just talking about getting off the couch, J. Any suggestions on how to get more readers on this blog or something I could do to spruce it up, or maybe want different topics? Any suggestions would help. Other than that, whats the point if nobody reads it?

Tonight is the night before Sunday. I teach Sunday school, and it is my turn to teach tomorrow. I am going to teach the beautiful story of Ruth. I love this story it also tells about our kinsman redeemer Jesus Christ in the story, through Boaz. Anybody like religious topics, by the way? Let me know. See ya till tomorrow, knuckleheads.

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Life on this merry go round

Have you ever felt like you’re on a merry go round?  Wake up, eat, have a quiet time, then read, then eat again, then read, then eat again, then read, then sleep? Sometimes I add some gaming. Then do it all over again in a never ending cycle of same old same old. I am retired and in bad health. I would like to start a hobby or just something to get me off this go round, but I find myself saying ‘I would like to do this or that’ and never do. I would like to start a hobby, and I would like to write a book or at least see if I could. Any body else like this? I am open for suggestions, because this old go round is getting old. I hope to start blogging every day.

Let me tell ya a funny story. Me and my boys were at a local ballgame, and the mascot Hoot the Owl started making a noise while me and my boys were in deep conversation. One of my sons turned around, and Hoot and my boy’s face were eye to eye through the fence, and it scared him half to death! You had to  have been there. It was hilarious! Well, i’m waiting for your suggestions on how to get off this merry go round. It will be so cool to hear from you.

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