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Hot, Hot, Hot

Is it hot where you live? I bet you thought I was going to write something risque, didn’t you? Not! I live in a trailer that doesn’t have central air because it is broke, and I don’t have the money to fix it or replace it. Needless to say, I feel like a sardine in a can, all sweaty and running down your body and all. We get thru it, though. It does get hot in North Carolina in the summer.

I saw a movie trailer today that is coming out at Halloween that is going to be awesome . It stars Madea and her cast of characters in a haunted house, because they are looking out for Tyler Perry’s  daughter. It was hilarious, definitely a must see, especially if you are a Madea fan. Well, I gotta go before I melt. I’m so sweet, you know lol. See ya tomorrow.

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Read, Read, Read

The old fart has a lot of time to read. I have always enjoyed being curled up with a good book. It refreshes and invigorates your brain. I love to read christian fiction, fantasy, mystery and suspense, and sometimes if it’s good, I like to read a good historical fiction book. I also love biblical fiction. My main thrust here is getting you to read. There is nothing better than being transported to different lands and people. It’s like you’re on a journey with them. So go to your local library. Or if you have a kindle, read a book. I love to read and then review books on . Authors will send you a book for free if you  read it and review it, plus you get to know authors that way as well.
I review for many authors. If any authors read this and want a book review, send it to me and I will review and get the word out for you. Anyway, like I was saying, I mainly want to get my readers to read more often. I love it.  That’s why this old fart is still sharp keeping my brain from rotting. So go read. Tell me what kind of books you like to read.
What’s your favorite book of all time? Waiting for your response.

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The old farts not dead

Sorry about missing yesterday, but it was a busy day. I went to the eye doctor today and got a good report. So the old fart’s not dead! He is still alive and kicking. I’m still looking for suggestions on how to get off my merry go round. Help me out, guys. You ever get to the point where when you get old and have stuff wrong with you that you never feel good?

Well let’s see what kind of amusing story I can come up with today. So gather ’round, cause the old fart’s getting ready to tell a story. One time, I was in a footrace, and I’m in the lead.  I look back to see if anyone is close. I turn back around and I do a 360 flip in mid air, and land flat on my back wondering ‘what just happened?!’. I was bleeding with split lips, and I look up to see a clothesline. Dork! Well, that’s all till tomorrow, knuckle heads.

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Backfired Prank

On one side of my family are a long line of pranksters. One time, they pulled one and I was the recipient (although it was not intended to catch me, it did). We went to Galax, Virginia where they lived for an aunt’s funeral. I went to the viewing with my mom and step dad, who were the intended subjects of the prank. When we came back, I was with my uncle and cousins. When we got home, I walked in the door to find someone sleeping on the couch who wasn’t supposed to be there. I started to back out the door, scared to death, only to hear the sound of laughter. What had happened was, my uncle put a mannequin head with a wig on it inside a sleeping bag to scare other people, but it got me instead! Then the rest of the night, we sat up listening to old pranks my family had done. So don’t be surprised if you get pranked…it might be me! Bwwaaahaaa!

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The Stairs

I am going to deviate from my usual ramblings. I have read a lot of fantasy books lately, and just wanted to try some ideas and see if it piques anyone’s interest. So here goes. Evangeline was having a tough time sleeping as she tossed and turned her covers, curling up like a ball. The necklace around her neck was blazing hot and turning the color of turquoise.  She looked around the castle’s room and saw a faint glow behind her vanity. What was it? It drew her like a magnet. Evangeline pulled the vanity aside to find a secret door built into the wall. She pulled the door open and saw a set of stairs leading down,  smelling of foul odors down below. Should Evangeline go down there and see where it leads, or just stay up here in the shelter of her cozy room?

Now back to my usual stuff. When I was a kid, I was playing in the yard. There was a tree that had a bees’ nest in it. They wanted me and started chasing me, so I started running. After looking back at the bees chasing me as I was running, I turned around to see where I was.  TREE!!…right in front of me! Ouch! When I got back up, I was worse for the wear with several stings and a bruised body. Moral of the story? Watch where you’re going!

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‘The Race’

Well, I’m breathing today, so it is another day ahead of me.  Sometimes it’s fun just to see what kind of things I will, uh….forget, or what i’ll do today;  like when I was reading my book the other night, and I looked down and saw a white ‘thing’ on my shirt.  I started wondering what it was.  Was it a part of my shirt? Then I remembered, ‘Oh! That’s my bookmark! Duh!’

That reminds me of when I was young.  How could I forget ‘The Race’? Many years ago, I was racing some neighborhood kids through our yards.  I got a good jump-start and was nearing the end, when I looked back to see how far ahead I was.  I turned around, and the next thing I know, I’m on the ground, bleeding from my split mouth.
Here’s a little proverb: When you race, watch out for clotheslines.  Yes, the clothesline caught me in my mouth! Ouch! I didn’t get stitches, but man, that hurt!

So, that’s basically what these once-a-week blogs will contain: funny things, or a part of my childhood or opinions.  Well, see ya next week.

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