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King Josiah

In the book of Chronicles, there was a king who started his reign at 8 years old named Josiah. When they tore down the pagan places of worship and rebuilt the temple of God, they found the book of the law, or the Bible; at least what was written so far. The king and the people repented and the city went into a revival of the word of God and living righteously. The Lord said that King Josiah was the greatest king so far and none better came later, says the word of God. The reason God said this was because Josiah had a tender heart towards God and his word. Do we have a tender heart for God and his word? Or is it sitting collecting dust? Do we have a tender heart for God? A lot of times no because we are too busy thinking of ourselves instead of putting God first. If you want to read about King Josiah it is in 2 Chronicles chapter 34-35. Lets have a tender heart towards God and his word. Till tomorrow.

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Daylight Savings Time, Snow, Not

Well we started daylight savings time off with a bang in North Carolina. It snowed maybe an inch . Too warm while it is snowing it is also melting off at the same time, weird. Then by lunchtime it is all gone aaahhnn. It was just a strange morning all around. Went to church and I am glad I didn’t miss it. Good Sunday school lesson and great sermon by the pastor.I have had a full day full of a lot of things. My boy is going back to college today, spring break is over. I hope he has a safe trip. See ya tomorrow peeps.

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Another Monday

Do you feel like dragging on Monday? with a whole work week ahead, so many things to do. You are probably not alone, there are plenty of people who feel like that. Mondays will be my religious chat, everyday will be filled with a different topic. Back to topic, we all feel draggy or bummed about Mondays but if we will remember, Christ is our strength and he has it all under control.He plans our steps and our ways and our weeks. He is in control of it all, he created the world from nothing so surely he can control our lives. His word also says, work as if you were working for him . So don’t cut corners or cheat your boss or company out of a full days work. Lean on him he will give you the strength and ability to do a good job. See ya tomorrow.

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Book Review of Fatal Frost

I hate to be short but sweet, but here is a book I reviewed for Nancy Mehl called Fatal Frost. Go pick it up.

This book was well written, and an overall good book. A daughter finds out more about her father while on an FBI mission against the cartel. It has complex characters that you will fall in love with. A story of finding Christ and learning how to trust not only God, but humankind. I really enjoyed this book, and it kept the pages turning. A good read for all.

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Do you have influence on anybody? Sure you do, whether it be a few or many, we do influence someone or many. So why do we live life like we just don’t care? Or, I live my life for myself, I don’t care who likes it. That is not the way we should be, because we all influence people, period. Let us live a life to your utmost standards, whatever that is. Me personally, I am a christian, so I live for Christ who is in me, and I try to live a Godly life because I influence others as well. Whether it be as a father, mother,spouse, or teacher or athlete, we do influence others. So act like it, and live it out.

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Gearing Up

This weekend, I will be gearing up for soccer. We will have soccer evaluations this weekend for Upward Soccer, at Liberty Baptist church in Ellenboro, North Carolina. I help out at a station, I also coach during the season and sometimes referee. It is a blast working with the kids and their parents. The league also spreads God’s word during practices and the games on Saturdays. I get so much enjoyment out of it. I don’t know much other than the basics of soccer, but we have fun together. If you live in the area, and have kids, bring them on Friday from 6- 8 PM, or Saturday from 10 till 2 PM. See ya there.

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Good Day

Today is the Lord’s day, I will rejoice and be glad in it. You know so many people, because of circumstances, or trials have bad day’s or week’s, and cant say that. Just remember, a lot of people have it worse than us. In that passage, we are to rejoice even in our troubles. It  seems hard to do, but we can. Try it sometime, you will be rejoicing, and praising him so much, you wont have time to waller in self doubt, and those troubles will seem so much lighter. Lay all your burdens on him for he cares for you. Just rejoicing. See ya tomorrow.

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