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My Review Of ‘Courageous’ by Dina Sleiman

Dina L. Sleiman has written another great book in the Valiant Hearts series. It was written in the era of the Crusades and the Templars. Sir Randall and Rosalind and Lady Sapphira lead a crusade to the Middle East in search of captives, and to spread the gospel. They take children with them as well. Amidst someone with vengeance on their mind, Sir Randall and Rosalind overcome their demons of their past and fall in love, mixed in with a few battles. It is a tale of forgiveness and love. I can’t wait to read some more from Dina L. Sleiman. This was a great read, and I encourage everyone to read it as well.

I reviewed this book for Bethany House Publishing.

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Delilah: A Good Book By Angela Hunt

Angela Hunt is a great writer of fiction. I loved this retelling of Samson and Delilah. It pretty much follows the biblical account in the bible. I loved the way she weaved the story together through the eyes of both Samson and Delilah. It is a sad story of love never found and love lost, with the rebellion of Samson over his being a Nazarene, and against his family and his God during his rebellion. But Samson shows his redemption in coming back to his God when he tore the Philistine building down. Samson will always be remembered as a great judge of Israel and of Yahweh.
I really enjoyed this book, and I recommend it to fans of Christian Fiction, and especially to fans of Angela Hunt.

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Read, Read, Read

The old fart has a lot of time to read. I have always enjoyed being curled up with a good book. It refreshes and invigorates your brain. I love to read christian fiction, fantasy, mystery and suspense, and sometimes if it’s good, I like to read a good historical fiction book. I also love biblical fiction. My main thrust here is getting you to read. There is nothing better than being transported to different lands and people. It’s like you’re on a journey with them. So go to your local library. Or if you have a kindle, read a book. I love to read and then review books on . Authors will send you a book for free if you  read it and review it, plus you get to know authors that way as well.
I review for many authors. If any authors read this and want a book review, send it to me and I will review and get the word out for you. Anyway, like I was saying, I mainly want to get my readers to read more often. I love it.  That’s why this old fart is still sharp keeping my brain from rotting. So go read. Tell me what kind of books you like to read.
What’s your favorite book of all time? Waiting for your response.

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