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Bracket Time

Well, it’s that time of year in March when we fill out our NCAA basketball brackets out. The big dance starts tonight with play in games to see who gets their ticket punched. I love this time of year when basketball is in the air. I filled my brackets out yesterday on CBS sports. I did round by round and the whole bracket too. I had Arizona winning one and Duke winning the other one. are you gonna fill out a bracket? if so the deadline is sometime today. Many could win it and I am sure some brackets will be exploded on the first or second day. Usually not many one seeds get in the final four and there are always surprises along the way, and yes some Cinderella’s. I love fantasy sports, my baseball drafts are underway but that’s for another day. Go fill out them brackets and good luck.

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back at the old ball game

I went to another Owls game last night, and had a blast. Friends from church were there, plus my posse. We had a good time. It was Dollar Monday games, where you get in for a dollar, and several food and drink items are a dollar. I caught a free rubber ball after the game that they were throwing to the crowd, but the best thing I got was a friend of mine from church in my Sunday school class was chasing foul balls, and he had several so he gave me one. An official game ball! woot! woot!. See you all tomorrow, taters.

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Night At The Old Ball Park

Last night, I went to our local summer league baseball park to watch our Forest City Owls play ball. I used to play baseball myself, so it was a treat. There is nothing like the sights and sounds and smell at a baseball game: The fresh cut grass, the smell of a hotdog and drinks, and oh those sweet deep fried oreos! It was a cool night. Not so hot like it has been. We got off to a good start, but faltered in the end, losing 4-2. But that wasn’t the point. I had a great time with my boys and one of their girlfriend, and like I like to say, ‘and you cant beat that!’ Being with family at a ballpark is awesome.

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Life on this merry go round

Have you ever felt like you’re on a merry go round?  Wake up, eat, have a quiet time, then read, then eat again, then read, then eat again, then read, then sleep? Sometimes I add some gaming. Then do it all over again in a never ending cycle of same old same old. I am retired and in bad health. I would like to start a hobby or just something to get me off this go round, but I find myself saying ‘I would like to do this or that’ and never do. I would like to start a hobby, and I would like to write a book or at least see if I could. Any body else like this? I am open for suggestions, because this old go round is getting old. I hope to start blogging every day.

Let me tell ya a funny story. Me and my boys were at a local ballgame, and the mascot Hoot the Owl started making a noise while me and my boys were in deep conversation. One of my sons turned around, and Hoot and my boy’s face were eye to eye through the fence, and it scared him half to death! You had to  have been there. It was hilarious! Well, i’m waiting for your suggestions on how to get off this merry go round. It will be so cool to hear from you.

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