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Reading Day

Today was reading day. My son was on the Xbox so I couldn’t play Skyrim. I am currently reading Robert Beatty’s  ‘Serafina And The Black Cloak’. It’s a  great book. Due to today’s reading, I am more than halfway done. It is set in Asheville at the Biltmore estate. The author is from Asheville as well. It is kind of a fantasy story, set at the Biltmore.  A good read. You need to read it.

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Do you have influence on anybody? Sure you do, whether it be a few or many, we do influence someone or many. So why do we live life like we just don’t care? Or, I live my life for myself, I don’t care who likes it. That is not the way we should be, because we all influence people, period. Let us live a life to your utmost standards, whatever that is. Me personally, I am a christian, so I live for Christ who is in me, and I try to live a Godly life because I influence others as well. Whether it be as a father, mother,spouse, or teacher or athlete, we do influence others. So act like it, and live it out.

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This is a sequel to burnt. The lovely after effects of burning is peeling. Those lovely flaky dead skin falling to the ground. But there is nothing more unappealing, than a bald man with a flaky scalp, scattering dead skin all around. But hey I cant help it. Between that and fire ant bites I am just peachy. Yeh, buddy just peachy.

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Late to post, busy day. Played Skyrim just about all day. No time to read, no time for catching up on things I recorded on TV. Life is so short, live it to the fullest. There might not be another.  Life is like a vapor, here today gone tomorrow. Squeeze life, like there is no tomorrow, and live like it is your last.

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Burnt, Burnt, Burnt

As you all know, I did soccer evaluations this weekend. All went well, but it was extremely hot on Saturday. I look like a red crab on my arms, neck, and head. I feel hot even when I’m not. It will go away soon. I should have worn a hat. I sat under a tent a lot but still got burnt oh well. Can anybody sympathize? I cant wait to see what kids I have on my team. This year will be a blast it is every year. See ya tomorrow guys and gals.

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Soccer Time

It is time for soccer evaluations. At Liberty Baptist Church, we are gearing up for our upward soccer season. Last night, we had some show up, but looking for a lot today. From 10AM till 2PM. I love to teach the kids a sport, and to help them learn, not only about a game but life in general, and to teach them about Christ. I love the sounds of game day, and watching them compete and have fun. It is a good time for all. See ya tomorrow.

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Doubly Blessed

I left my son in law for last, not for typical reasons, but that he is a gem. He is a great person. He is kind and loving to my daughter and the father of my fabulous grand daughter. I brag about him to everybody, he is very intelligent. He is going to seminary for his masters which he is almost graduated from at Gordon- Conwell. So smart and he loves gaming too. He is multi talented he can draw, write, and many other things. I am so proud to call him my son. As long as he treats my daughter right, just kidding. He is a great person. See you guys tomorrow.


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