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Daylight Savings Time, Snow, Not

Well we started daylight savings time off with a bang in North Carolina. It snowed maybe an inch . Too warm while it is snowing it is also melting off at the same time, weird. Then by lunchtime it is all gone aaahhnn. It was just a strange morning all around. Went to church and I am glad I didn’t miss it. Good Sunday school lesson and great sermon by the pastor.I have had a full day full of a lot of things. My boy is going back to college today, spring break is over. I hope he has a safe trip. See ya tomorrow peeps.

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Lazy Day, Just Waiting for Snow

How are you guys doing today? I am fine, a little cold and sinuses bothering me a little. It is a lazy day today, while I am waiting for the snow to come tonight hopefully. They are only calling for a dusting up to an inch of snow. It would be nice especially if they call off church. It would be nice to have another free day, but then again everyday is a free day for this retired old fart. It would be nice to have that one last big snow of the year but they are not calling for much but who knows anything can happen. Where my boy go’s to school they are calling for 3-6 inches of snow. He has to go back tomorrow so that would be rough. How is your day going today? good I hope. See ya tomorrow dude and dudettes.

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back at the old ball game

I went to another Owls game last night, and had a blast. Friends from church were there, plus my posse. We had a good time. It was Dollar Monday games, where you get in for a dollar, and several food and drink items are a dollar. I caught a free rubber ball after the game that they were throwing to the crowd, but the best thing I got was a friend of mine from church in my Sunday school class was chasing foul balls, and he had several so he gave me one. An official game ball! woot! woot!. See you all tomorrow, taters.

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Burnt, Burnt, Burnt

As you all know, I did soccer evaluations this weekend. All went well, but it was extremely hot on Saturday. I look like a red crab on my arms, neck, and head. I feel hot even when I’m not. It will go away soon. I should have worn a hat. I sat under a tent a lot but still got burnt oh well. Can anybody sympathize? I cant wait to see what kids I have on my team. This year will be a blast it is every year. See ya tomorrow guys and gals.

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Hot, Hot, Hot

Is it hot where you live? I bet you thought I was going to write something risque, didn’t you? Not! I live in a trailer that doesn’t have central air because it is broke, and I don’t have the money to fix it or replace it. Needless to say, I feel like a sardine in a can, all sweaty and running down your body and all. We get thru it, though. It does get hot in North Carolina in the summer.

I saw a movie trailer today that is coming out at Halloween that is going to be awesome . It stars Madea and her cast of characters in a haunted house, because they are looking out for Tyler Perry’s  daughter. It was hilarious, definitely a must see, especially if you are a Madea fan. Well, I gotta go before I melt. I’m so sweet, you know lol. See ya tomorrow.

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Just Sitting Around and Reading

I am going to try my blog again. I just love to read and write too much not to. It will be more ramblings and book reviews, Today’s thoughts are what I think about Facebook. I recently started up another account and now they say I need to verify who I am. OK I think I can send them some sort of ID and it will be reinstated, so I send them said ID and no it’s not good enough. Frustrated now, I reply to them what do you want? I sent you my drivers license ID what do you want my DNA? aghhhh you freaking Zuterberg why did you make something so stupid. Oh I forgot we are dealing with stupid imbecilic people here. Can you tell I   am frustrated with Facebook yet? LOL . We will see you tomorrow. Like my post everybody i need likes.


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Just Rambling

Today will just be random ramblings. In the world of sports, Nyquist, the favorite to win the Preakness, lost for the first time today. The Kentucky Derby winner finished third behind Exaggerator and Cherry Wine. Even though it was a rainy sloppy track, Nyquist jumped out to a too fast pace and was gassed at the end. Tonight, we have the All Star race from Charlotte in NASCAR racing.

I didn’t get any responses to yesterdays post on what you like to read and what authors and books are your favorite. I thought that would be interesting to find out. I am still looking for a hobby as well. Any suggestions? And no, we are not just talking about getting off the couch, J. Any suggestions on how to get more readers on this blog or something I could do to spruce it up, or maybe want different topics? Any suggestions would help. Other than that, whats the point if nobody reads it?

Tonight is the night before Sunday. I teach Sunday school, and it is my turn to teach tomorrow. I am going to teach the beautiful story of Ruth. I love this story it also tells about our kinsman redeemer Jesus Christ in the story, through Boaz. Anybody like religious topics, by the way? Let me know. See ya till tomorrow, knuckleheads.

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