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It Is Almost that Time

Yes, it is almost here. what do you say is almost here? Soccer that’s what. I love to coach soccer in our league, I also referee. It is such a blast to coach those kids and get to know them. Last year I had my best season going undefeated. It was such fun not winning all the time but just playing with such a good group of kids. The winning didn’t hurt though, I thoroughly enjoyed being their coach. I hope we have a great year this year as well. We worked hard, played hard, and had a good time. Soccer is such a fun game to play and coach. This year will be a challenge with some new things in our league however, it will make it more fun as well. My little grand daughter is going to play for the first time this year. It will be so fun to watch her play. I cant wait.

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Bracket Time

Well, it’s that time of year in March when we fill out our NCAA basketball brackets out. The big dance starts tonight with play in games to see who gets their ticket punched. I love this time of year when basketball is in the air. I filled my brackets out yesterday on CBS sports. I did round by round and the whole bracket too. I had Arizona winning one and Duke winning the other one. are you gonna fill out a bracket? if so the deadline is sometime today. Many could win it and I am sure some brackets will be exploded on the first or second day. Usually not many one seeds get in the final four and there are always surprises along the way, and yes some Cinderella’s. I love fantasy sports, my baseball drafts are underway but that’s for another day. Go fill out them brackets and good luck.

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King Josiah

In the book of Chronicles, there was a king who started his reign at 8 years old named Josiah. When they tore down the pagan places of worship and rebuilt the temple of God, they found the book of the law, or the Bible; at least what was written so far. The king and the people repented and the city went into a revival of the word of God and living righteously. The Lord said that King Josiah was the greatest king so far and none better came later, says the word of God. The reason God said this was because Josiah had a tender heart towards God and his word. Do we have a tender heart for God and his word? Or is it sitting collecting dust? Do we have a tender heart for God? A lot of times no because we are too busy thinking of ourselves instead of putting God first. If you want to read about King Josiah it is in 2 Chronicles chapter 34-35. Lets have a tender heart towards God and his word. Till tomorrow.

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Daylight Savings Time, Snow, Not

Well we started daylight savings time off with a bang in North Carolina. It snowed maybe an inch . Too warm while it is snowing it is also melting off at the same time, weird. Then by lunchtime it is all gone aaahhnn. It was just a strange morning all around. Went to church and I am glad I didn’t miss it. Good Sunday school lesson and great sermon by the pastor.I have had a full day full of a lot of things. My boy is going back to college today, spring break is over. I hope he has a safe trip. See ya tomorrow peeps.

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Lazy Day, Just Waiting for Snow

How are you guys doing today? I am fine, a little cold and sinuses bothering me a little. It is a lazy day today, while I am waiting for the snow to come tonight hopefully. They are only calling for a dusting up to an inch of snow. It would be nice especially if they call off church. It would be nice to have another free day, but then again everyday is a free day for this retired old fart. It would be nice to have that one last big snow of the year but they are not calling for much but who knows anything can happen. Where my boy go’s to school they are calling for 3-6 inches of snow. He has to go back tomorrow so that would be rough. How is your day going today? good I hope. See ya tomorrow dude and dudettes.

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New Genre

I love to read is an understatement. I have tons of e-mail books, and print form as well. I will probably never get to read in a lifetime. There is a new genre in writing called litrpg. What is that you ask, well your full of good questions today. Litrpg is a genre of books that are written for the gamer in mind. They are told from a video game point of view.Some of the ones that I have read are Holly jennings Arena, and The Gauntlet also Luke Chlemenko has a good one called Ascend Online.

If you are a gamer and love to read then start reading this genre. They read like you are in the middle of a video game. They have great story telling and read really well. I think I forgot to write a blog yesterday forgive me. Have a good day and i will be back tomorrow. Now go to the store and buy one of these books.

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March Madness

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when the NCAA conference tournaments and the big dance begins!…The time when legends are made, and when they are broken. I love this time of year: the time when you get to watch basketball from all over the USA; The time when you pull for your team to go all the way. My front runners are UCLA, Oregon, Kansas, UNC, Purdue, Kentucky, and others. My favorite team is Duke, but I don’t know how far they will go. The tournament is rife with rabid fans and bands at different forums and cities.
They all want to see their teams go all the way and claim the prize of national champion… All the sights and sounds and colors of uniforms of players running and sweating down the court, just to put a ball in a basket either by shot or dunk…It is an amazing time of year. I love it, and can’t get enough of it. So tune in and yell, with your favorite snack and a cold drink in hand, and catch the wonder of March madness basketball. Enjoy!

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