The King

14 Aug

We walked into the Kings court, and I was amazed at all the brilliant colors and hues of the carpets and drapes. If I just knew what I was here for, that would be great.  When a court butler pronounced, behold King Mason Stoorgard, the high king of Slavan; all bow. I bowed and then stood up staring into a kind kingly face weathered by time and age. Who do I have the privilege of meeting, boys? This is Lady Josilen. She is of the court of King and Queen Aldermeer high King and Queen of the Fey from Falders Gate. This is their daughter. Josilen stood with mouth agape for she thought her mother and father were dead and was still getting used to being a Fey princess. What does the King want with me, and can I meet my mum and da?

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