11 Aug

Josilyn, could hear the horses hoof beats on the hardened green grass as they chased her. Her breath, growing ragged and her chest heaving from running. Finally Max and Markos chased her down. With her back to them, she felt a growing heat form in her chest. Throw the cloak over her before she tries anything. The heat in Josilyns chest was coming to a boil, ready to explode when the cloak fell over her. The heat started dissipating in her as soon as the cloak surrounded her. All right Fey what is your name? oh wouldn’t you like to know. You might as well tell us, we have ways of extracting information and it isn’t pretty. My name is Josilyn. Why do you call me a Fey? what is that some disease or something? No it is a gifted one, one who can change or shift into something else and has great powers, to change things on this plane. Well that’s not me, oh yes it is said the brothers, you just haven’t tapped into your power yet. we have to take you to the king our father, so move along.

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