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The King

We walked into the Kings court, and I was amazed at all the brilliant colors and hues of the carpets and drapes. If I just knew what I was here for, that would be great.  When a court butler pronounced, behold King Mason Stoorgard, the high king of Slavan; all bow. I bowed and then stood up staring into a kind kingly face weathered by time and age. Who do I have the privilege of meeting, boys? This is Lady Josilen. She is of the court of King and Queen Aldermeer high King and Queen of the Fey from Falders Gate. This is their daughter. Josilen stood with mouth agape for she thought her mother and father were dead and was still getting used to being a Fey princess. What does the King want with me, and can I meet my mum and da?

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To See The King

Josilen, felt like she walked forever behind the horse and riders. She thought about what the brothers had told her, about her being Fey, as she trudged along the grassy road. Is that what i felt in my chest? like a warming experience about to explode? and what can I shift into? I was raised by an uncle, because of my parents deaths, at least that’s what I was told. Could it be that wasn’t true? could my parents still be alive?. The landscape was changing, the grass was now blue and the sky was a shade of orange. What kind of place is this and who or what lives here?. Josilen saw a castle in the distance, so this is where the king lives? she asked the brothers. Yes this is castle Robinstein in the land of Slavan.

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Josilyn, could hear the horses hoof beats on the hardened green grass as they chased her. Her breath, growing ragged and her chest heaving from running. Finally Max and Markos chased her down. With her back to them, she felt a growing heat form in her chest. Throw the cloak over her before she tries anything. The heat in Josilyns chest was coming to a boil, ready to explode when the cloak fell over her. The heat started dissipating in her as soon as the cloak surrounded her. All right Fey what is your name? oh wouldn’t you like to know. You might as well tell us, we have ways of extracting information and it isn’t pretty. My name is Josilyn. Why do you call me a Fey? what is that some disease or something? No it is a gifted one, one who can change or shift into something else and has great powers, to change things on this plane. Well that’s not me, oh yes it is said the brothers, you just haven’t tapped into your power yet. we have to take you to the king our father, so move along.

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“Do not let her be harmed in any way. The king wants to see her, but be careful, for she is a fey”, said Marcos. “Father wouldn’t like that so much, and I don’t want to incur his wrath.” “Yeah, I know”, said his twin brother Max. “I was sweating like a pig, in the bush I was hiding in, afraid to stay for being found and afraid to leave in case I got caught.”
I don’t remember much of my childhood, other than what my uncle told me about how my parents died and he took me in. I had always felt different from other people, but didn’t think much of it. What is a fey? I had never heard of one. Was it a good thing, or a bad one?.
“I know she is close”, the brothers said instantaneously. “I can smell her, and I can feel her aura. Fey are dangerous, so be on the lookout.”
Inside the bush with Josilen was some kind of animal. As it stuck its head out, it was a snake! I hate snakes. “Hey, what are those bushes shaking for?”, just as josilen made a sprint for it. There she goes. They urged their steeds on with their spurs in their horse’s side.

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The Closet

Where am I? I was in my walk-in closet when the back wall gave away. All around me is another land, another place. Mist hangs like hanging moss from a Spanish moss tree down on the bayou. I am scared but intrigued at the same time, of being who knows where. I start walking down a path as the mist curls around me like a cloak. ‘Well, Josilen, what have you done now?’, I think to myself. The mist parts when I walk down the path, making everything look clearer. I hear a horse coming down the road, its hooves making a staccato clopping noise. No, there are two horses, with men dressed in clothes from an ancient time I have never been to before. They stop right in front of the bush I hid behind. Where did she go? I know someone is here in Sklavania. I felt her presence when she came through the time portal. I try not to cry out. Are they friend or foe?

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Reading Day

Today was reading day. My son was on the Xbox so I couldn’t play Skyrim. I am currently reading Robert Beatty’s  ‘Serafina And The Black Cloak’. It’s a  great book. Due to today’s reading, I am more than halfway done. It is set in Asheville at the Biltmore estate. The author is from Asheville as well. It is kind of a fantasy story, set at the Biltmore.  A good read. You need to read it.

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Busy Day, Busy Month

I am sorry I missed yesterday, but I was busy. I had to take my wife to the hospital, but all is well. Today, we went to church. So the weekend has been full. This month will be as well, with my oldest boy going back to college for the second time; this time at Western Carolina.  I will miss him. Next month, my wife goes on vacation to Utah without me, and I will be a lonely boy. Maybe I can find something to do while she is gone.  I will try to be faithful to you guys everyday though. I enjoy the writing, and I hope people care and like to read the old fart’s thoughts. See ya on the morrow, chaps.

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