Republican party

20 Jul

You know I am getting hard up for something to write when I talk politics; ugghhh! But the Republican party has left me and others like me. It has gotten away from it’s principles. Ronald Reagan is the picture of my party. Conservative, with moral and family values. It has gone so far left it might as well be Democrat.I am not saying this because of Donald Trump. We have gotten away from our moorings and values. Reagan was the epitome of conservatism and values I hold dear. You know what, that is all I am gonna say. Who do you vote for when you feel like your party and nomination has left you in a wasteland?.

Well see ya tomorrow guys, no blistering retorts please.

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One response to “Republican party

  1. J

    July 20, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    As a young person, I’ve only voted once in my life. It’s amazing how in the nearly eight years since then, I’ve completely lost faith in my ability to make a difference with my vote. I don’t like either party right now so I’ll likely do a write-in but that won’t matter. Not really. And that’s sad. But at least by being honest, I’ll have my integrity in tact.


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