The Old Ways

17 Jul

There are issues in this world I would love to address. Gun control, and bad things happening in the world. First off, a gun is a gun. It can’t fire itself, so when are we gonna quit complaining about gun control and get to the root of the problem: the person firing it? Also, when people do bad things, why do they say ‘how could this happen’? Well, I have two solutions. One is being dragged…dragged to church that is, so they can hear God’s word and know right from wrong, so they wouldn’t do things later in life to hurt people. Secondly, is a dang whuppin. If they had their butts whipped when they were young, they would know right from wrong. Now is this a  100% cure? No, because there will always be a few (and i said a few) who rebel and go bad anyway, or unless they have a mental problem. But I think there would be a lot less violence and disobedience in the world if people would do this.. Now should we do something about guns being sold to the wrong people? Sure. But let’s get to the root of the problem: sin, and parents withholding the rod and then saying ‘what happened to little johnny?’ .  I was dragged to church and had my butt whipped numerous times, and me and others turned out fine. Just sayin’. See ya tomorrow.

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