All Lives Matter

10 Jul

There are many movements going on lately. They single themselves out when all lives matter. When are we as a nation going to treat everybody as human beings, and love one another, and treat everyone like they want to be treated. If we started doing this, the whole world would be a better place to live in. Who wouldn’t want that? There are enough haters out there. It is not hard to be nice and treat everyone well. Sure, there are people out there that no one gets along with, but love them anyway. I am not a pacifist. I just believe we should love God and our fellow man. This is a commandment in the bible, by the way. The reason it is not hard to love one another is because we might not be able to do it in our strength, but we can do everything in his strength, who lives within us. Love you guys, and make this world a better place.

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Posted by on July 10, 2016 in Opinion, Stories


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