09 Jul

I sit here frustrated over a couple of issues. First as you heard yesterday I am highly pissed at Facebook. I feel now that our relationship is over so I say to Mr. Zuckerberg and Facebook that they can go **** themselves. Sorry for the language it is not my normal way of expressing myself. My question is this what similar sites can I join other than Facebook with similar options? Please help me out.

Secondly I am wondering how did Hillary Clinton get away with perjuring herself and getting rid of classified e- mails. Not only on one device but four and she is running for president? they should be running her to jail with a no pass go card. They would have if it had been me, how doe’s people in government get away with such things especially perjury. When government and people in government become so entitled, that is when our government is heading down the sewage hole. We need to get government out of control and we the people involved.  Now we don’t have much of a choice for president this year I don’t like one or the other.  Till tomorrow.

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