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Soccer Time

It is time for soccer evaluations. At Liberty Baptist Church, we are gearing up for our upward soccer season. Last night, we had some show up, but looking for a lot today. From 10AM till 2PM. I love to teach the kids a sport, and to help them learn, not only about a game but life in general, and to teach them about Christ. I love the sounds of game day, and watching them compete and have fun. It is a good time for all. See ya tomorrow.

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Doubly Blessed

I left my son in law for last, not for typical reasons, but that he is a gem. He is a great person. He is kind and loving to my daughter and the father of my fabulous grand daughter. I brag about him to everybody, he is very intelligent. He is going to seminary for his masters which he is almost graduated from at Gordon- Conwell. So smart and he loves gaming too. He is multi talented he can draw, write, and many other things. I am so proud to call him my son. As long as he treats my daughter right, just kidding. He is a great person. See you guys tomorrow.


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Many Blessings

I wanted to talk about my many blessings, one of which is my family. I have already talked about my wife, now I want to talk about my kids. They are such a blessing. My oldest Andy is super smart, and at age almost 30 is beginning a new stage in his life. He is going back to school at Western Carolina for writing, and his first relationship with someone. I love him,and wish him luck on his remaining endeavors. My daughter Jaime, you all might know her by another name. She is beautiful, with so much natural talent. She can write, draw, paint,crochet,be a CNA, and a mother. a woman of many talents, I love you baby. Jordan he is funny, quirky, and fun to be around. I don’t always agree with some things, but that is what makes him Jordan. Both my sons love gaming, and are musical knowledge savants. Well this is getting a little long, but that is my family.  I just wanted them to know that I love and appreciate them. See ya tomorrow. How could I forget my first grandchild Emma? . She is beautiful like her mother, extremely intelligent, funny, a Pokemon fanatic, and I love her to death she is worth living for.


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Gaming Day

Today was a good day. I traded in a game to get my favorite game, that has all the dlc’s  with it. It is skyrim, I love that game. Even though it is gonna be a hot one today, I am going gaming. I love video games as much as I like to read.Any gamers out there? I love it. Well it is gonna be a short one, because like I said I am going gaming. Do not disturb is on the door knob. Just kidding. We will see ya tomorrow.

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Gearing Up

This weekend, I will be gearing up for soccer. We will have soccer evaluations this weekend for Upward Soccer, at Liberty Baptist church in Ellenboro, North Carolina. I help out at a station, I also coach during the season and sometimes referee. It is a blast working with the kids and their parents. The league also spreads God’s word during practices and the games on Saturdays. I get so much enjoyment out of it. I don’t know much other than the basics of soccer, but we have fun together. If you live in the area, and have kids, bring them on Friday from 6- 8 PM, or Saturday from 10 till 2 PM. See ya there.

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Good Day

Today is the Lord’s day, I will rejoice and be glad in it. You know so many people, because of circumstances, or trials have bad day’s or week’s, and cant say that. Just remember, a lot of people have it worse than us. In that passage, we are to rejoice even in our troubles. It  seems hard to do, but we can. Try it sometime, you will be rejoicing, and praising him so much, you wont have time to waller in self doubt, and those troubles will seem so much lighter. Lay all your burdens on him for he cares for you. Just rejoicing. See ya tomorrow.

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What Would I Do

Yesterday I talked about the love of my life. I will today as well. I met her through an acquaintance of ours. I don’t know about her but it was love at first sight she was beautiful. We went to a bible study on our first date. It was not planned that way but that is what happened. About a year later we were married.I have been with her for 33 years.

But I got to thinking what would happen if I lost her? I would be lost as a goose in a pack full of them, like a leaf just twisting in the wind. I love her that much. I would be without my friend, and my love the love of my life. Don’t take them for granted people they are too precious not to have. See ya tomorrow.


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