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Backfired Prank

On one side of my family are a long line of pranksters. One time, they pulled one and I was the recipient (although it was not intended to catch me, it did). We went to Galax, Virginia where they lived for an aunt’s funeral. I went to the viewing with my mom and step dad, who were the intended subjects of the prank. When we came back, I was with my uncle and cousins. When we got home, I walked in the door to find someone sleeping on the couch who wasn’t supposed to be there. I started to back out the door, scared to death, only to hear the sound of laughter. What had happened was, my uncle put a mannequin head with a wig on it inside a sleeping bag to scare other people, but it got me instead! Then the rest of the night, we sat up listening to old pranks my family had done. So don’t be surprised if you get pranked…it might be me! Bwwaaahaaa!

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